Dark Souls 2: Unused Dialog From Japanese Text Files (Child Emerald Herald?)

A dump of the Japanese Version of the Dark Souls 2 Network Test reveals unused dialog that was never translated into English. I was recently made aware of this by an anonymous tipster, though it turns out it’s been known and linked on ebiflynageruyo’s blog this whole time!


It makes me wonder what sort of unused content has been missed, at least largely by western audiences, because of the language barrier.

Anyways, here’s dialog from the first character in question. Multiple translators agree that it must be a female child. The following has been translated by /u/pokashine from reddit.

Character #1 (Female Child):

I’m so tired…
I walked so much.. I don’t wanna walk anymore.. Oh, hey!
You’re finally here!
Ah! You’re late!
What is it?
What is it now?
Aha! You came again?
Is that it? / Are you done?
Come again! Oh, are you leaving already?
Well, that’s no fun… I don’t like people who do that.
Boooooo! I don’t like people who hurt me!
Well, if you’ll give me more of those feathers, I could forgive you.
Oh! Estintia’s feather!!
You’re giving it to me? Yaaayy!
Ok, I forgive you.
Don’t hurt me, ok? Ah! HEY!
…hm? What?
I’m not mad anymore. Come chat with me some time?
I’ve decided to stay here in this villiage. I think I’ll be ok without having to go anywhere. So… if you come here, you can see me again! haha.
I have lots of pretty things!
But.. this feather. I’ve never been able to find it anywhere. I’m so happy to finally find it!
I’ll keep it safe, forever.
No matter where I go, people always gather around me! Hehe, I’m popular! But, no one ever seems to come to this villiage…
I’ve traveled with a lot of people before… am I just not popular here?
So, this time I wanted to travel with you! Besides, that other man left…
Every time I’d lose my traveling companion, a new one would just show up! But, you’re kinda weird…
It’s so strange, not having to travel together anymore…
Still… that spell sure is something, isn’t it?
But, I was told never to show it to anyone else! You can’t tell anyone, ok? It’s our secret! Wait? ..where are you going?
Oh, that? It’s called Estintia’s feather.
It blesses whoever picks them up with good fortune. What!? You’re giving it to me!?
I’m happy…
In return, I’ll remember you FOREVEEEEEER!
Promise? ack!
pout I’m not a toy!
feminine scream Ack!
Don’t pull me!
I don’t wanna walk anymore!
feminine scream “Noooooo!”
Because you rescued me…
Just for you, I’ll bless you with this spell. But you can’t tell anyone!
Sit so you’re looking at my eyes.
Now, close your eyes…
Don’t open them, k?
Ok, here goes…
Oh, ye lost souls that gather ‘round the heart of man…
Souls of origin that ride the tides of the body…
Lend strength to my savior, from the very blood that flows through me which carries the power of ancients and undead.
Accept this power unto thee.
Ouch! Ack! (surprised scream)
What are you doing!?


Bearing in mind that there’s concept art for a child version of the Emerald Herald, as well as a completed model for her in the game’s files, I think it’s fair to assume that this is probably cut dialog for her.

The section beginning with “Oh, ye lost souls that gather ‘round the heart of man…” is very reminiscent of the Maiden In Black’s speech. The way it is written is also using a very different tone than the rest of her dialog (using archaic speech), implying that there’s more to her than just being a child.

Another interesting implication is the dialog about her receiving “Estintia’s Feather” from the player. Remember that the feather we get from the adult Emerald Herald is the “Aged Feather”, which could be explained by it being a more aged version of the same feather. The interaction in the Dragon Aerie would also be a lot more impactful if the Herald was returning the feather to the player, as opposed to just randomly gifting it. That scene probably was meant to have more significance to it, bearing in mind that it was conceived early on in the development process and included in the launch trailer.

There’s no direct evidence for this, and it assumes the above is true, but it could also explain why the Herald sounds a bit different in the Aerie. Her dialog could have been planned or recorded at a different time, when it was intended to be the adult version of her.

Either way, I think we can put to rest the idea that the Herald we meet in the Aerie was ever meant to be the child version of her. The reason people believed that might’ve been the case was because her voice sounds different there, and there’s a voice actor listed in the credits for doing a child version’s voice. People also thought that her model looked smaller, but it’s been confirmed to be the identical adult model we see elsewhere in-game. So I think this is backwards, as the Aerie version, if meant to be her different, “true” form, would have been the adult version if the child version was in the game elsewhere. Plus she’s seen as an adult in the Aerie, in the launch trailer.

I don’t know if I’m guilty of connecting too many dots here, but this is some of the more tantalizing cut content found so far and can be interpreted to explain a major source of confusion that is otherwise unexplained. Hopefully the upcoming Design Works will provide more insight on this.

In a couple days I should have translations for 3 or so more characters. Special thanks again to pokashine, and also link4117, mauvecow, and everyone who responded to my request for translation help!

Dark Souls 1: All of the Remaining “Undiscovered” Vagrant Locations

Using DSMODT, with the help of a friend, we tried hunting down all the remaining Vagrant locations. You can see icons for enemies on the map, so it was basically just a process of finding spots where there aren’t normally enemies (remembering to ignore all the Gravelord Black Phantoms).

The Future Press Guidebook list accounted for most of these locations, but I was never sure how much to trust them, given that some were misleading and wrong. The linked album below includes some commentary on that.

Album of 26 Undocumented Vagrant Locations

Here’s one example:

This sneaky one in Anor Londo made me slap my head when we found him. I misinterpreted the guidebook’s description and thought they were referring to the dead-end buttress behind the Batwing Demon. I spent more time than I care to admit trying to make it spawn. Totally a wasted effort, I probably did make it spawn up here without realizing it.

Dark Souls 2: Unused Bonfires

Nothing major or particularly new here. Anyone who has combed the text files already found most of these months ago. However, only a couple were on the wiki until I completed it a few weeks ago, so I think most were generally overlooked. There’s also a couple images that my friend Demon’s Lantern found on the farfire website.

These are found in the text file that lists all of the bonfires by name (bonfirenames.txt). Most have numbers proceeding them, which group them with other bonfires and tells us the location they would’ve belonged to. There is an exception, though. Oh, and they are not from the same file that lists area names, so they are not to be mistaken with levels/ locations.

Primal Bonfires?

There’s a group of bonfires that correspond to all of the areas with primal bonfires. Given the specificity of some, like “Lord’s Private Chamber”, found amongst the Brightstone Cove bonfires, it’s pretty clear that’s what they’re meant to be. So in this case, these bonfires are used, we just never get to see their names because you can’t warp to them.

-Lord’s Private Chamber
-Sinners’ Rise
-Eygil’s Altar (not to be confused with the Eygil’s Idol bonfire)
-Sanctum of the Scorned (Black Gulch)

Other Unused Bonfires

-Bonfire (Placeholder name found in Doors of Pharros)
-Bonfire (Placeholder name found in Shrine of Amana)
-Last Rest of the Giants (found in Forest of Fallen Giants)
-Alva’s Resting Place (unknown)

The most interesting one here is “Alva’s Resting Place”. No clue where it might’ve belonged.

Bonfires As Images

There are a couple thumbnails that fit the theme of the locations’ images from the warp menu. One belongs to the Dragon Memories and the other belongs to the Memory of Vammar. Perhaps the latter was supposed to be the “Last Rest of the Giants” location?

Click on the thumbnails to reveal a full-size comparison showing where they are in-game:

All of these locations were tested to see if they can be warped to, but it always results in winding up back at the starting shrine in Things Betwixt. The same thing that happens if you try warping to an invalid bonfire ID. It’s a shame, we would’ve loved to find something like this unused area.

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In this episode I joined Gary and Kole for a special discussion about probing the ‘Souls games. It was an honor to be invited onto Bonfireside Chat, a program that I highly recommend to fellow Souls addicts.

Dark Souls 2: Out of Bounds Item in the Black Gulch

My friend found a corpse carrying a Pharros’ Lockstone, slightly outside the map in the Black Gulch:

(click to enlarge)

The first image shows the wall it’s located behind, the second shows its location relative to the boss room and the area with the chest, and the third confirms the item.

Not sure if there’s anything interesting we can speculate from this. There’s already another lockstone shortly before the boss, and another you can get from cutting The Rotten’s arm off. Maybe they were simply going to have a third in or after the boss room, and figured it was too many.

We also considered the possibility that it could somehow be the same lockstone dropped by The Rotten (though there’s no reason to expect that the item drop would have to be stored somewhere physical). But that doesn’t appear to be the case, because this item will still be there after getting the other one from his arm.

EDIT: According to some feedback, which appears to be correct, this hidden item IS the same as the one dropped by the boss. Apparently it drops the corpse with the item (something I don’t think I noticed), so it’s stored here so it doesn’t have be loaded during the fight.

mikeirish1016 said: Was playing offline had 33 lightning bolts, went online, lightning bolts reduced to 9. Attun 20 Faith 35. What happened???

Ah, you went online and had your game patched to the most recent version.

The lightning spear miracles were among the spells that had their number of uses heavily nerfed in Calibrations 1.08, on the 18th of July:

  • Decrease the number of uses for the following Miracles and Hexes:
    • Lightning Spear
    • Great Lightning Spear
    • Sunlight Spear
    • Emit Force
    • Soul Appease
    • Great Resonant Soul
    • Profound Still

The patch notes also claimed that the lightning spears and Emit Force would have their damage increased, perhaps as a slight compensation for the reduced casts, but the opposite occurred. They took a decrease in damage as well.

It was a very significant nerf, and some people are hoping that the damage decrease was an accident and that it could possibly be corrected in a future patch. Though we’ve already gone through another patch since then, and it wasn’t fixed.


Anonymous said: I have been trying to figure out how works in Dark Souls 2. I killed all NPCs before going into NG+ like usual but I notice my sin level is at Sinner now and Cromwell says I'm fine. What gives?

EDIT: 10/14/2014 
This information may be outdated due to the latest patch on PC, which is also upcoming on consoles. It’s been reported that Cromwell can remove both types of Sin now (maybe only once). More information on this soon.
- - -

Dark Souls 2: Understanding Sin

If you’ve been confused by the weird mechanics of Sin, it’s not your fault! Just like Dark Souls 1, the game gives misleading information about what the pardoner does. The game is calling two completely different things “Sin”, without an obvious way to distinguish the two.

True Sin

As you noticed, you have a “sin level” that displays on your Player Info screen. It appears with the icon of the chain-link, and will correspond with one of three possible sin levels: “-” (not a sinner), “Sinner”, and “Wretch”.

image (the only sin status that matters, don’t listen to Cromwell)

These sin levels correspond with a hidden point system, where every time you kill an NPC or a host when invading with a Cracked Red Eye Orb, you get 1 point. “Sinner” is triggered when you reach 10 points, “Wretch” is triggered when you reach 100 points.

This is what I consider the real sin, or at least the sin that matters. This is because arbiter spirit invasions are tied to having 10+ points of this sin. And then Wretch adds on a unique mechanic where being fully hollow puts you down at 5% capped HP instead of 50%.

This type of sin is not reset upon entering NG+, and it cannot be cleared by Cromwell. It can only be cleared, 1 point at a time, by dying to an arbiter spirit.

image (let this phantom kill you if you want to decrease your sin)

NPC Aggression Sin

As mentioned above, Cromwell cannot clear the “True Sin” that is displayed on your Player Info screen. This is counter-intuitive, because Cromwell quite clearly talks about your sin, and tells you that you don’t have it any more after paying for a pardon.

This is because he is not talking about your “True Sin” at all. He is referring to something different, which is whether or not you’ve made an NPC angry prior to meeting him. So for lack of a better name, we can call it “NPC Aggression”.

If you attacked an NPC and trigger their aggro or disapproval, paying for a Pardon undoes this and allows you to interact with them again normally. And this is all it does.

image (Uh, can I get a second opinion? - screenshot by /u/JesterPatches)

And the real kicker here is that the only relevant flag for allowing the player to pay Cromwell for a pardon is if an NPC was made aggressive at some point prior. This includes attacking and killing an NPC, because before dying, said NPC was made angry. But of course, a dead NPC cannot be made un-aggressive. So if you ever pay Cromwell for a pardon without the need to de-aggro a currently living NPC, it’s a complete waste of souls. It literally accomplishes nothing at all.

This is why Cromwell is completely useless and irrelevant for understanding your current sin situation. It leads to contradictory-sounding statements if you think it’s referring to the other sin, because here’s how it can be wrong:

  • You can be told that you’re a “Sinner” and have the option to pay for a Pardon, even though you’re not a Sinner in the Player Info screen. This is because all it takes to trigger Cromwell’s response is if you’ve aggro’d at least 1 NPC. It takes killing 10 NPCs/ Hosts (CREO invasions) to become a true Sinner.
  • The opposite can also occur. You can become a Sinner or Wretch through invading and killing other players, without ever touching an NPC. Cromwell will you that you are not a Sinner.

The second bullet essentially applies to your current situation. Cromwell is saying you’re fine because the history of attacking NPCs was reset when entering the next NG+ cycle (while true sin wasn’t). For more information (and probably a better explanation), I wrote a page about how sin works here:


EDIT: Halfway through this post, I started calling Cromwell “Oswald” by accident! I’ve since edited the post to correct that. Oswald from Dark Souls 1 rips you off in the exact same way though. :p
Dark Souls 2: A Closer Look at the Gutter’s Garbage Pillars

To continue the trend over-analyzing unimportant details, I wanted to take a closer look at the “garbage pillars” found in the gutter. I’ve seen random screenshots and people trying to figure out what’s contained in them, but no direct images from the textures until now.

Here’s the complete texture:

image (^that’s just a thumbnail, click to embiggen)

It’s easy to see why it looks so ugly. Random textures are just piled on to make 1 larger texture with no rhyme or reason, which is then wrapped around a low-polygon pillar. Some of the pillars are partially-obscured with a slime effect, and with the original lighting the game was supposed to have it’s possible we weren’t meant to get a very good look at it in-game.

But there are still some pillars you can get pretty close to with a torch in-hand, so it’s likely we’d still see them and be talking about it regardless of the lighting.


(screenshot by /u/SuperM3atB0y)

Thematically, it makes sense. We know of the Gutter to be a place where unwanted stuff is discarded. I think some of the fancier stuff in there, like the nice furniture and wall fountains, can be explained by the falling kingdoms and people losing their minds. Like the “99%” turning against the royals and trashing everything. Most of the rest of the actual junk needs no explanation. Gilligan even clarifies that bodies are tossed down there.

One of the creepier details is that you can find several smaller skeletons of conjoined twins:


If people were discarding what they didn’t want, then that probably means that children with birth defects got tossed into the hole as well. :(

These are some neat ideas, but of course it’s totally awkward due to the fact that any kind of trash-pillar would compact these things because of the crushing weight. Seeing completely whole bodies and unbroken furniture just looks weird and makes for some terrible graphics. It seems like they picked a very rushed way to do it, and with more time, pillars with broken fragments of these things sticking out instead would’ve been a better way to go.

But let’s get one of the biggest misconceptions cleared up- There is no modern car wheel in this pillar! Though it’s easy to see why people thought that. If you look at the in-game screenshot posted above, the lighting and warped shape of the texture makes the round object in there look very much like a car tire, with rubber and all.

Here’s what it actually looks like (it’s used in there twice, with slightly different angles):


As you can see, it’s clearly not from a car. Now I have no idea what it is, but we can scratch it off as being another anachronism / 4th-wall-breaker, leaving the Heineken label of the Grave of Saints on its own.

A lot of objects in there are also random things used elsewhere in-game. Here’s everything I could identify:

A random chest:image

Another chest:image

Felkin’s chair:image

Cattle skeleton:image

Sack of potatoes:image

Wooden doors by Old Akelarre bonfire:image

Slabs of meat:image

Robed Corpses (slightly different, but probably sharing the same source):image

Otherwise, I think the rest of the stuff in there is unique to that texture. Thanks once again to my partner in crime Demon’s Lantern for providing textures and PC screenshots (I only have this game on PS3).


/u/SordidDreams of reddit has a dissenting opinion on the wheel. Perhaps it’s not such an open-and-shut case afterall.

“It looks a lot like an early car wheel to me. This one is from a Ford Model T. IMO it resembles a screenshot of a low-poly, untextured 3D model of an early automobile wheel. The other objects in the texture with round edges are also slightly angular, indicating that they’re in fact 3D models.”

While I see the resemblance, perhaps the biggest thing that still throws me off is how the edge of wheel strongly appears to be attached to some kind of bar/ object. That’d make it impossible to roll, making me think it’s wheel-like in shape but not an actual 20th century car wheel. But I could be wrong.
Dark Souls 2: Unknown Structure Hidden in Majula’s Skybox

My buddy Demon’s Lantern noticed something interesting in Majula’s skybox. We’ve all seen the lo-res Forest of Fallen Giants before, but there’s another structure, further back and to the left:


It’s difficult to see, so I asked if he could find the image directly from the skybox’s texture. Here’s what turned up:



Normally you can’t see this in-game, because the skybox has several layers of 2D images. To be able to see it like in the first screenshot, the camera had to be flown further out above the water and a bit closer to the Forest of Fallen Giants vista.

So what is this area meant to be? I’m pretty sure it’s the exterior of the Undead Crypt.

That might sound like an odd choice, given that we have no idea what it looks like, and most would probably expect the whole thing to be subterranean. At least it kind of feels that way, traveling down from Drangleic Castle into the Shrine of Amana, and down from there into the Crypt.

But bear in mind that the geography of Drangleic is exaggerated to make places feel closer than they actually are in the game’s universe. The map makes this pretty clear, and is probably the reason we have things like taking elevators down below sea level from Heide’s Tower of Flame and winding back up at sea level in No Man’s Wharf. Or the elevator from the Earthen Peak up to the Iron Keep. It’s implied that we’re not seeing the entirety of the journey between these locations, so there’s a bit of wiggle room regarding geographical oddities.

So why the Undead Crypt, you ask? Well, going by the map, it’s the only thing remotely in that area. And the line of sight matches up pretty well. Here’s the map from the Majula Mansion:


We know which flames represent what areas, since they light up based on game progression. There isn’t a flame for Majula, but we know it’s there if we compare it to the collector’s edition map.

Now, if we readjust our position out to roughly where the screenshot was taken from, represented with a blue dot, we could theoretically get a view of these three locations at once (assuming they made the effort to include them in the skybox’s artwork):


How does that compare to Demon’s Lantern’s original screenshot? Pretty much perfectly:


But is there anything else that could be in the area? There’s no other flames nearby that light up on the mansion map, and we also can’t see anything of note on the collector’s edition map:


(click to enlarge)

If you’re having trouble making sense of the different maps, it needs to be rotated to match the Majula Mansion map:


And there we have it.

edit: My runner-up choice is that the structure was maybe intended as the Undead Purgatory instead, but I really don’t think so. The collector’s edition map seems to indicate that it’s much futher inland, nestled into the Forest-y area.

Dark Souls 2: Testing the NPC Gravestone Mechanics

This is just a short video of me documenting the time requirement of the tombstones. I have to find a way to kill time waiting for the DLC somehow, right? It’s nothing special, but I figured I might as well have something to show other than my word.

All NPCs have a specific time requirement (x amount of in-game time), and once that time passes, their gravestone will appear. If you’re waiting in the same area, resting at bonfire will trigger its appearance. Melentia’s wait is exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes, and so far I’ve only encountered waits that are in half-hour increments. The video makes it look like it takes a little longer, but I started the timer while attacking her.

I realize this is probably the least-demanded testing that could possibly be done. But I think there’s actually some relevance to getting better information regarding this mechanic. Lately there’s been a surge of cheaters on PC invading and killing other players’ NPCs. I’ve read all sorts of posts expressing doom and gloom if you fail to backup your saves (something you should be doing…), but the Gravestones actually help in ways that some people don’t seem to realize. For example, did you know that-

  • In spite of gravestones normally appearing where the NPC is killed, the Emerald Herald getting killed in the Dragon Aerie does NOT stop you from being able to level up with her. The Emerald Herald will appear in Majula regardless of where she is killed, and will still offer her normal services. (initial wait is 5 hours)
  • McDuff is able to accept the Dull Ember after death and all of his services will be available. This is true even if you never lit the brazier for him. (initial wait is 3 hours)
I know these are two popular NPCs to be killed as of late, and while it’s a nuisance, you’re not exactly screwed if you failed to backup your save. Do be warned that in most other cases, though, killing an NPC outside of their final location does typically result in “freezing” their progress and losing out on stuff they could offer later on.

I’m updating this page directly as I learn more:

Here’s a previous photo album I made when finding out which NPCs leave tombs (basically all), and finding out their costs:
Dark Souls 2: Audio Files List & Tutorial on Extracting Audio

Dark Souls 2 - Audio Files List (Google Doc)

We made a resource that hopefully makes it easier to explore the game’s files and unused content. So far all of the dialog files have been identified and transcribed, and we’ve included a tutorial on how to rip the audio as well.


The wikis are still missing a lot of the characters’ dialog, so this could be used to help fill it in. I also hope that anyone looking for a particular sample has an easier time finding it now!

Dark Souls 1: Unused Test Map

Imgur mirror - http://imgur.com/a/SkAKy

Here is an unused test map from Dark Souls 1, once again provided by my primary source for this sort of stuff. It’s mostly a series of rooms with cells in them, connected through various inclines or staircases. Some distinct features include a pit in the middle, a human model, a chair/throne, and a restraining table.

Dark Souls 2: Bag and Belt Guy (Unused Test Audio)

Demon’s Lantern has found and sent me more unused content, this time from the game’s audio. There’s a bunch of test dialog recorded by the developers, so we have some pretty hilarious takes of non-voice actors filling in for the characters.

I still have a bunch of files to sift through, but I wanted to share my favorite finding right away!

Chroanna(?), the Bag and Belt Guy.

edit: Turns out this was previously found and shared by hellkitedrake here! I tend to keep up with his cut content findings, though I missed it because it was up as soon as the game came out (that was fast!), when I was on an information blackout.

Demon’s Souls: Modded Gameplay (Unused Content Shown)

ebiflynageruyo was able to mod Demon’s Souls, and demonstrate unused content by swapping enemy models. It’s primarily a cosmetic change so we only get to see their models and some of their animations. Otherwise their stats/ AI/ placement should all be based on the enemies they’re replacing.

It gives us a much better look at how these would’ve appeared in-game:

The videos also show some odd content like a red bow, and things like unused upgrade materials added into the inventory.

I’ve created a playlist of the videos, and you can find the uploader’s channel here.