Demon’s Souls - Unused Spell Icon

The first discovery includes an Unused Spell icon:

(size doubled)

A corresponding name or description could not be located in the text dump, meaning we might not be able to learn much about this. There is one curiosity amongst the spells in the text dump though, but I’m not sure if it’s related. In itemmsgbnd.text, you can find a list of shortened spell descriptions that look like this:

  • Fire Soul Arrow
  • Shoot a stream of fire
  • etc
There is also a list of all the spells, and the order appears to correspond:
  • Soul Arrow
  • Flame Toss
  • etc
Though there is one discrepancy- where the description for Soul Thirst is supposed to be, it says:
  • Change into Black Ghost (Ghosts N/A)
There are other instances in the text dump (already mentioned on the unused content page) where the phrase “Black Ghost” turns up, which appears to be early/unused terminology for “Black Phantom”. So perhaps this was a spell to turn into a Black Phantom?

Though I can’t imagine it would serve much purpose as a testing item for the devs, who would likely have their own tools for switching phantom-types (why would you incorporate that as a spell and draw an icon for it?). But who knows.

The cut content also includes evidence for what I believe to be an alternate summoning/ invasion system where your phantom type would be determined by how similar or dissimilar your Character Tendency was to the host. Have a similar tendency, and you’d get summoned for co-op, have the opposite tendency and get summoned for PvP. The terminology of “black ghost” pops up again for that. Anyways, if there was going to be a randomized co-op/ PvP system, I could see the need for an item that’d ensure you only invade for PvP when you want to. Perhaps this could’ve been something like that.

Anyways, this is all just speculation. The only thing we’ve found so far relating to spells is the icon above, and the odd “change into black ghosts” text. There is nothing that concretely ties them together nor explains what they are, so make of that what you will.

You can find the complete spells texture sheet and individual icons here: