Dark Souls - Spreadsheet Showing all Enemy Model #s and Names in Data

More Demon’s Souls content is on the way, but I wanted to share this link first.

I compiled a spreadsheet for all of the Dark Souls enemies and characters. It contains Model numbers, AI numbers, nicknames within the data, and any notes on whether or not enemies have AI information showing up in alternate locations where they don’t appear in-game. Any unused content is highlighted in red so it’s easy to find.

Here’s what it looks like: image Dark Souls - Enemy Names in Game Data

There are some funny names in the data. Gwyn is “FireWoodKing”, the Bounding Demons of Izalith are “DraZonbiLegs”, and Laurentius is “Magician_of_Pot”. There are also some names with interesting implications as well:

  • Ornstein’s name is “Griffith”, which is probably a Beserk reference.
  • The Parasitic Wall Hugger is “PrinceIzalis”, which has lead some to speculate if it was once an Izalith resident like a Daughter of Chaos, Carmina, Salaman… or even the growth under Jeremiah’s head wrap. (note that the bed of Chaos’ name is KingIzalis, so we probably can’t deduce gender from “prince”)
  • The weeping Pisacas (believed to be former handmaidens of Gwynevere) are named “Pisaca_Sisters”.
  • There is an NPC I haven’t identified yet, whose name is “DragonOracle”. By process of elimination, and the location data, it strongly looks like it’s Oswald. Why would he have that name…?
If you saw me post this a few weeks back on reddit, the list has since been updated and improved greatly. I”m also working on one for Demon’s Souls. Thanks for checking it out!
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