Demon’s Souls - Unused Upgrade Materials

In the text dump I previously found mention of several unused upgrade materials:

  • Large Clearstone Shard
  • Large Greystone Shard
  • Large Bladestone Shard
  • Shard of Bronze_test1
  • Shard of Steel_test2
  • Material_test3
  • Material_test4
  • Material_test5
I just located a bunch of unused icons, though there’s more images than named items so they can’t be easily paired:


Though there are three that clearly belong to the Clearstone, Greystone, and Bladestone family:


These must be the aforementioned “large shards” of each type, which don’t exist in-game (these upgrade paths go straight from regular shards to chunks). Though thematically they’re a bit off, as they appear to be more complete than Chunks even, closer in shape or size to the Pure versions of these ores.

In other news, the Unused Content page has been updated to include all the recent findings posted here so far. Though we’re just getting started, as a bunch of crazier and more interesting stuff is on the way.