Demon’s Souls: Modded Gameplay (Unused Content Shown)

ebiflynageruyo was able to mod Demon’s Souls, and demonstrate unused content by swapping enemy models. It’s primarily a cosmetic change so we only get to see their models and some of their animations. Otherwise their stats/ AI/ placement should all be based on the enemies they’re replacing.

It gives us a much better look at how these would’ve appeared in-game:

The videos also show some odd content like a red bow, and things like unused upgrade materials added into the inventory.

I’ve created a playlist of the videos, and you can find the uploader’s channel here.

Demon’s Souls: Maiden in Black’s Unused Dialog

  • Ancient Old One! My dearest! I have brought a new Demon to thee. This is what thou wanted, is it not? Yes, yes, good boy. Now be still. Now, now, dearest Old One…
  • Old One, all the Demons are destroyed. But do not despair; they are of use to thee no longer. Together, we shall slumber soundly. This is the way things must be.
This is unused end-game dialog. Though some of it is similar to existing in-game dialog, the fact that there’s equal parts ‘offering you up as a demon' and 'telling the Old One there are no demons left' has me speculating that these were alternate possibilities. I'm not sure what the mechanic would be for determining her dialog, but something like Character Tendency could have been used to help determine whether you appeared as good or evil.

This would also be a pretty congruent theme with unused Dark Souls content. Oscar of Astora had unused dialog from the end-game, where he would have sided against you (based on whichever Primordial Serpent you partnered with). This makes it strongly appear that both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls removed an end-game event that would have briefly reflected on your character’s “path”.

  • I thank thee, slayer of Demons. My thanks to thee; we sleep at last. Thou may’st depart. Be gone to your world.
This dialog sounds like it fits in the same place as what she says at the final end-game moment. The basic concept in the same, it’s just a different set of sentences.

  • Thou art the new one, art thou not?
  • Thou art bound now to the Nexus.
These last two lines of dialog are not particularly interesting. Unused introductory speech that sounds like it should be in-game (though I couldn’t locate it).

The Maiden in Black’s complete dialog (both used and unused content) can be found on youtube here.

Demon’s Souls: The Crestfallen Warrior’s Unused Dialog

  • Go on, run off and find the bloodscript. Get that corpse of yours back before it rots. If you die once more, you lose everything… Including all the precious souls you’ve obtained…
  • Well, so you’ve died completely this time?
This first segment of dialog warns the player of losing everything. The curious part is the use of the word “bloodscript”, which is very video-gamey sounding and uncharacteristic of ‘Souls speech. Though you still lose all of your souls when you die, the line about “dying completely” makes me think this isn’t just a normal warning about losing souls, and instead may have been referring to the unused hardcore/ "True Death" mode.

Going further down this tangent, there is an unused menu-screen-header icon that suspiciously looks like a… bloodscript?

  • The flame-tending maiden has not come down from the upper level. Go ahead, seek her; you monsters deserve each other. I could not care any less.
This appears to be about an unknown event regarding the Candle Maiden in the Nexus. What does he mean by upper level? Near the Monumental, or somewhere else? And what would you have done to be considered a monster by the Crestfallen Warrior? He’s normally dismissive and doubtful of you, but here he sounds like he hates your guts. Odd.

  • Hmph. Not enjoying the conversation? Monster! Do you think that you are somehow special!?
  • Hm? What is it? I’m not going anywhere. Question me as you please.
  • I wonder how many others are in this Nexus? They are no different than I. They traversed the foggy fissure with determination, but realised their powerlessness, and became prisoners of the Nexus.
These last passages of dialog don’t seem particularly special. At first glance I would assume they’re in-game, but this dialog isn’t included on the wiki, and I couldn’t find a way to trigger them. They appear to be dialog for running off mid-speech, a repeat encounter, and early-game dialog explaining the Nexus.

It’s always possible to make mistakes when sifting through tons of content. If any of these actually are somewhere in-game, please let me know.

You can find the Crestfallen Warrior’s complete dialog samples (both used and unused content) on youtube here.

Demon’s Souls: Yurt’s Unused Dialog

Normally when you have the option to free Yurt, he says “If so, then help me escape this place”, referring to the cage you find him in. But in this alternate line of dialog, he asks to be freed from a dungeon instead.

In an episode of the Bonfireside Chat podcast, some confusion was expressed over how it’s funny that you free Yurt from an unlocked cage. I agree that there isn’t a lot of logic to that, and this bit of extra dialog might indicate that the devs were still figuring out where he’d be rescued from, relatively late into development. I’d wager that in the end, he was arbitrarily placed in 3-2 to match the creepy atmosphere, without much logic or lore crafted to explain it.

HellkiteDrake has uploaded a complete video of his dialog on youtube, which can be found here.

Demon’s Souls: Stained Glass Windows (Fool’s Idol Church)

( - click to enlarge)

Nothing special to see here, just thought it was one of the cooler environment textures to finally get a close look at.

Demon’s Souls: Unused Axe Found Amongst Blacksmith Ed’s Stuff

Looking through more of the environment textures, I recognized this image as being one of the unused weapons:

It has the name of “Throwing Axe”, and is found amongst the environment textures that include the weapons found in Blacksmith Ed’s room. Sure enough, it’s there in-game:

It has an equipment icon, indicating that it was probably intended to be usable by the player character at some point. The other unused weapons aren’t found in this room, and haven’t been located in-game yet (if they do exist anywhere).

Demon’s Souls: Closing Credits Backgrounds (Good Ending)

edit: It’s been brought to my attention that the content has gone down. When I can replace it, I’ll reblog this post with an updated link. :)

TheDarkLantern sent me another album that’s great as potential wallpaper material. It’s all of the background images from the ending credits (of the good ending), in their original 1280x720 resolution.


Demon’s Souls: Maiden Astraea’s Valuables

When you enter her sanctuary, Maiden Astraea warns the player that “there is nothing here for you to pillage or plunder”. I’m not sure if she’s intentionally lying to appear saintly, or if the scattered money opposite the pile of corpses indicates that these are offerings that she doesn’t see value in (souls are the currency in the fog-enshrouded lands, afterall). Either way, she’s surrounded by loot. Here are the textures for the coins and medallions:

source -,
I’ve identified the coins as having their image lifted from 20th century French currency:

Demon’s Souls: The paintings from the Old Monk’s boss room.

I don’t know my art history very well, but some of these strike me as Rembrandt-esque. Similar to some of the paintings from Anor Londo in Dark Souls. I’m assuming these are probably modifications of actual historical works, does anyone recognize any of these?

Source -

Demon’s Souls: Several textures from the Broken Archstone area. Complete album here.

These are environment textures belonging to map area “m07”, which strongly appears to be the Northern Limits area. There’s not many of them, indicating the area was probably largely unfinished. I still have lots of environment textures to convert and analyze, so there might still be some weirdness hiding in “m08” and “m99”, but from what I’ve seen so far I’m not expecting more (or many more) textures relating to the unused environment.

The textures indicate a snowy area. This likely corroborates the ‘wilderness theme’ we’ve been expecting based on the unused enemies. I was expecting a more “green” environment, based on my speculation here, but everything else about Miyazaki saying they were working on an “outside area” seems to be holding up.

Demon’s Souls: Loading Screens


Here’s a collection of all of the Demon’s Souls loading screens in their original 1280x720 resolution. They are lifted directly from the game textures and should also be in their original quality (imgur did not compress my PNG conversions of the textures).

Demon’s Souls: The incomplete interaction menu for the Broken Archstone.

These are screenshots from another debug menu demonstration by gibbed. Here’s the archived video:

I wasn’t aware the interaction with the archstone would be able to pop-up in-game through gibbed’s debug menu, but it confirms that it’s as unfinished as we’d expect it to be, based on the corresponding text found in the text dump.

The timing of his stream last night was a neat coincidence, since I was wondering if there were maybe pictures of the unused areas in the game’s files (the same way you have pictures of the other areas you can warp to from the Nexus). At around the same time I found the corresponding texture sheets for exactly that. The fact that the place where an image should be is blank in gibbed’s video is corroborated by my finding that those pictures do not exist. They could have maybe fit into the last sheet here, but the last three slots are blank:

I hope gibbed will eventually be successful in loading the map data, I’d love to see what the area looks like, or how much of it is actually there. I haven’t yet gotten through all the environment textures, but I should know soon if there’s Broken Archstone content in there.

Demon’s Souls: Broken Archstone Texture

(click to enlarge)

Demon’s Souls: A small, unused piece of art (

I have no idea what this might have been intended for. I’ve moved on from menu and enemy textures and have just started looking at the environment. This was found amongst the “m01” files, which is the Nexus. Though there’s some other weird stuff in there too, this stood out because I haven’t seen anything else like it yet, and it’s mostly environment textures (as you’d expect).

Demon’s Souls: A small, unused piece of art (

I have no idea what this might have been intended for. I’ve moved on from menu and enemy textures and have just started looking at the environment. This was found amongst the “m01” files, which is the Nexus. Though there’s some other weird stuff in there too, this stood out because I haven’t seen anything else like it yet, and it’s mostly environment textures (as you’d expect).

Demon’s Souls: More Unused Icon Sheets

Here’s some more early test content found in the Demon’s Souls texture files. Click on any picture to load an album with all of the unused menus & icons found so far.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, the unused weapons show up again in the first texture sheet here.